7 Must-Take Pregnancy Photos

Are you planning an upcoming maternity photo shoot? If so, be sure to check out these must-take pregnancy photos, which are highlighted in this article.

Pregnancy is a hundred of emotions wrapped up in one. Between the excitement and anticipation, it’s important to have pregnancy photos to capture everything you’re feeling.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, maternity photos help freeze this special moment in time. Knowing what types of photos you want taken will help make this experience one to remember.

Maternity Photos
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1. Focus on the Bump

Your pregnancy is beautiful and deserves to be captured. Take the time to embrace your bump so you can remember this moment.

Make sure your photographer poses you in a way that you feel beautiful and comfortable with yourself. Play with different angles and positions too! This moment between you and your baby is intimate and special.

2. Include Your Partner

Don’t forget that your partner is part of the pregnancy too! Take photos that capture his raw emotions.

While the bump is the focal point of the photos, let your partner have their time in front of the camera too. Some photos might include a close-up photo of the dad and the bump. This creates an intimate feel where it’s all about the father and the baby.

3. Play With Different Backdrops

Between beaches and foliage, there are so many beautiful backdrops you can utilize in your maternity photos. Even wide-open fields are great backgrounds for your photos. This will provide you with the opportunity to capture many full-length photos as well as up-close photos with the wonderful colors behind you.

4. Include Your Other Children

Your other little ones are just as excited as you are for their baby brother or sister to arrive. Including them in your maternity photos is a great way to show their genuine joy and happiness, while also capturing sweet moments before your family grows.

Encourage them to have fun and to use their imaginations. Ask your photographer to snap candid photos as they do so.

5. Up Close and Personal

After the baby is born, you’ll want to remember the amazing things your body was able to do during pregnancy. Having photos that are up close and personal with your bump is a great way to do that.

Sure, you’ll want plenty of full-length maternity shots, but you’ll also want some close-ups of your beautiful bump. Use your hands to cradle the bump or pull your partner in for a few extra hands.

6. Use Props

It might seem cheesy, but adding props like baby shoes, stuffed animals, or letter blocks is a fun way to mix things up. You can get creative with where you place the props, keeping the focus on your bump. If you know the gender of the baby or have already picked out a name, this is a great time to display those things!

7. Keep It Candid

The best types of photos are the ones that come easily. Whether it’s with your partner or alone, this is a great way to document your pregnancy.

Not all maternity shots need to be posed. You can even take some in your own home if that’ll make you the most comfortable.

Feeling Your Best During Pregnancy Photos

Your pregnancy is a time to remember. Make sure to freeze those memories in time with pregnancy photos. We promise you won’t regret it! If you are ready for your pregnancy photo session then schedule with me today!

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